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This study offers a dramatic new interpretation of the genre's emergence and evolution over a three hundred year period and as a genuinely transnational phenomenon. Crime Fiction and the State.

This is an exceptional study and one that will reframe how we read, understand, and critique crime fiction within and beyond French studies. These are all deeply political writers even if their novels exhibit no interest in directly promoting political causes or parties.

Primo Levi explored similar questions later, through a man he called Mertens, perhaps as a deliberate echo. In this study, Andrew Pepper offers a compelling analysis of the development of crime fiction and its ambivalent relationship with the state and modern capitalism.

In the second chapter, Pepper centres his analysis on novels that confront the tensions between individual freedom and the demands of the law. His conclusion is that the moment power is exalted over law, we are unstoppably on the way. This too is a reflection of the Jews of Europe, who unlike the Basques, or Irish, or Muslims today, never formed an armed resistance.