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True Belonging by Jeffrey Brantley download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Progress Indicator Opening Apple Books. This was the beginning of the set-up where evil dined on my femininity for decades. In Braving the Wilderness, Brown redefines what it means to truly belong in an age of increased polarization. Peculiarly enough our need to belong is also tied in with our need to be different and unique.

But, when we look deeper, this disconnection and the political and economic machines that are moving people apart, are ironically spawning movements bringing people closer together than ever. We want true belonging, but it takes tremendous courage to knowingly walk into hard moments. Occasionally this leaves me standing alone in what feels like a lonely wilderness. We all must find our own way through. Even though I was a member of the popular crowd, I hid behind my quiet, independent persona instead of risking to be known.

We all belong to the human race. And then evil delivered what felt like a final blow at my longing to belong through sexual abuse from a trusted adult man. It feels like something that we all crave and need in our lives.

And then evil delivered what feltWe all belong to

It requires us to be who we are. So many of us long to be part of something real. She calls this difficult action braving the wilderness. Once again, I settled for fitting in with my new Christian friends as a counterfeit to belonging. Her hobbies include facilitating trips to the Holy Land, riding her motorcycle, the outdoors, and running.

Choosing to fit in no longer works for me. Our sense of community clashes with our fear of difference. Belonging I think remains a paradox until we find that infinite and eternal place of belonging deeply to ourselves. This book spoke to me, the words resonating deeply in my core. She is on a journey of embracing her beauty and living more deeply from her heart, and hopes to continue to share her story through full time ministry.