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Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers by Jason Robert Radcliff download in ePub, pdf, iPad

However, Torrance has gone beyond Barth in many ways. Radcliff has a sure grasp not only of Torrance himself, but also of the patristic sources he engaged.

Walker of the University of Edinburgh and John B. In he became engaged to Margaret Edith Spear and completed his doctorate magna cum laude. God is knowable and therefore he is to be understood. In itself it is radically unlike God, the extralinguistic object to which it refers, but by grace it is able to transcend itself, attaining a sufficient likeness or adequacy to its object.

Thus, only a circular method can continually and successfully reveal God in His Triune wholeness. One tendency that he especially abhors is the dualism implied in Western scholasticism by dividing the doctrine of one God de Deo uno from the doctrine of the Trinity de Deo trino. The Greek patristic tradition is another stream in Torrance's thought. Working out of the Reformed Protestant tradition, Torrance builds on Barth's foundational work and goes further in his interaction with and explication of the Patristic writings on the Trinity. Such thinking led to ideas of God as an unmoved mover, and thus one who was not a living God capable of acting within creation without being conditioned by creation or limited by it.

Torrance believes as does Barth that nothing is known of God but that which comes by his active self-disclosure. The Journal of the Thomas F.

Through using this kind of circular hermeneutic Torrance is able to avoid the heretical extremes of modalism and trithiesm. Jason Radcliff has now produced a much-needed overview of his extensive and intensive efforts in this area. Fergusson of the University of Edinburgh, Alasdair I. His ecumenical concern can also be seen in his exercising of Church office. Born in to missionary parents in Chengtu, Szechuan, China, he has kept his passion for world evangelism and Biblical preaching throughout his life.

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