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They Can't Touch Him Now by James Williamson download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Thankfully the man responsible wasn't violent toward me. If my book can do that for one person, all of the effort of writing it and the painful process of getting it into print, will have been worth it. Then his life changes dramatically when Tom, his replacement scoutmaster, throws him a barbed lifeline. Of how easy it is to believe those who seem eager to listen and willing to give their time but who are ultimately only interested in satisfying their own physical needs.

Tom is dead so the secret can at last be shared. Not all fathers are like mine and not all paedophiles are like Tom. His verbal and at times violent abuse was so hard to understand.

For me the worst was that

This leaves Jimmy feeling guilty, different and excited. Yet I had to settle with the above. Where the repercussions have been unthinkable. This was when I would despise my real mother the most for abandoning me.

Of course Tom was wrong

Of course Tom was wrong to physically abuse me but at least he gave me a place to be where I felt safe. For me the worst was that from my father. With no resistance from my parents I had been allowed to go the pictures at night and on my own, which would be quite unthinkable in today's society.