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But finally, for the first time in a few weeks, devastation of the right kind. By contrast, the Aaron send off was actually pretty tame. Cricket's world has never been perfect. It was so short Lyon would have been disgusted with his effort.

But finally for the firstBy contrast the

This Test meant a lot to so many people, but regardless of Hughes, it meant just as much to Kohli. He was full of fire and brimstone. He swung his bat around like an axe. Cricket Australia tried to find the balance between being respectful and over the top in their tribute. And he was even dropped after his previous best performance.

He cleared the air as he whizzed past Warner's ear. It made cricket feel a bit normal. He clutched at the blade of his bat. And when Andy Flower and Henry Olonga wanted to protest their government's regime. The condolence book is full.

The Indians may have been fumbling, dropping and missing balls in the field. And the Brothers Cricket Club. Cricket's new world was friendly and nice. He pointed to his damaged badge like a warrior who had conquered an army. It's cricket's third rail.

That first Test as captain. There are some innings that look like they can't be ended. He hit a cover drive that should be put in the Louvre.

She asked us how many she was holding in her hand. You don't often hear Richie at the ground.

Now he was trapped there by disappointment. Kohli's decision to send off Chris Rogers was aggressive, unfriendly and kind of bizarre. In the second, conquered the last-day demons. It was in no way like the man who cried into his captain's shoulder in day one. Something fitting of the innings.

He was all business in one of the most personal Tests ever played. They had his Test number written on the field, and on the shirts.