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Authors were asked to considered genderBell in an

One hopes his inclusion in this volume will bring his findings to an ever wider audience. There are many other points where Hardman and Alpaugh differ substantially in their interpretations.

Kaiser, Mike Rapport, and David A. The collection maintains a very high standard throughout.

Bell in an essay on the conceptual legacies of the Revolution. Authors were asked to considered gender within each chapter. Pieces on Thermidor then unavoidably engage with the topic and subsequent contributions by Jeff Horn and Jennifer Ngaire Heuer offer further reflections, with Heuer eloquent on legacies of violence. It is an eminently useful idea to produce a guide to it, though not one Oxford University Press is alone in having.

These are minor quibbles, however, perhaps explained away by thematic concerns. Two essays in this section offer impressive new interpretations of old questions. One is tempted to go back and re-read all that came before in this new light. Internally and externally, the French state in appeared weak and embattled, teetering on the brink of vague yet terrifying disaster. France from Old Regime to Revolution, ed.