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Well, I care not whether ye followed the letters of laws. There may be those who wish for a rule by Council, yet such change remains a book yet written. This is only a trick by Scar to have Simba killed though. Then there are things he learns like how to catch grub bugs and critters to survive and a song.

She is Sarabi's best friend. She is said to be Scar's mate, but it was never officially stated in the film, though it is certain she was. She appears only in the second Lion King film and sadly dies at the end after realising her mistakes.

Tod's life is turned upside down when he shelters a white fawn from the King's hunt, befriending his daughter the Princess in the process. Just mind ye pull the right strand. The lion is at the top of the food chain. Scar then kills Mufasa by means of stampeding wildebeests and makes Mufasa's cub whose name is Simba think that he, himself caused his father's death. Fools care not for the odds, after all.

She is Sarabi's best friendShe is said

She is Simba's mate and Queen of the Pridelands after Sarabi. But the years have shown me the best course is oft called foolishness by some. Add to that a tremendous roar that can be heard over miles across the Savannah. Tod then saved the stag from the King's hounds once again and was rewarded when the stag managed to miraculously shake his antlers free giving Tod his opportunity to find true love. It's been posted on law boards throughout the land for centuries.