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The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Rome by Katrina Nannestad download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Just as Freja begins to make

Just as Freja begins to make friends and come out of her shell she and Tobias stumble across a real life adventure that might really get them in trouble. The story ends with Freja and Tobias about to move to France which prepares the way for further books in the series. Filled with numerous mysteries, both big and small, I found the book hard to put down. Freja enjoys her unusual life style, however, when her mother is found to be unwell, Freja is left in the care of Tobias Appleby.

The book finishes without explaining how Freja is related to Tobias, though it is hinted that he is her uncle. She learns to make friends, to embrace the things that make her unique and to be brave. And you are going to want book two as soon as you finish book one, because not all the questions are answered in this magical first instalment.

The story ends with Freja and

Tobias immediately agrees and soon after they find themselves living in Rome. The story is well-told, humorous and moves at a good pace. Presumably this become clear in future books. The story outline also made me want to curl up and read it.

For the shy Freja this is a very difficult time in her life, which is made all the more difficult when they travel to the wild and wonderful city that is Rome. The mysteries are addictive and divine, and the story centres around adventurous, independent Freja taking the lead and kicking butt. Overall, Katrina Nannestad has done a great job.