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The Ghost Ocean by Richard Benke download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Then the floats pull the net up again and the cycle continues. The characte This might be one of the best-written urban fantasy novels I've read recently.

Some commercial fisherman use gillnets. The loss of the floats can leave fish nets drifting in the open ocean where they continue to entangle fish, birds, and marine mammals. Ives and unleashes its inmates on the world.

If this is not done, the net can continue to catch fish until the weight of the catch exceeds the buoyancy of the floats. In general, fish are less likely to be trapped in gear that has been down a long time. Many of these floats for fish nets wash up on island beaches around the Pacific. The characters were interesting, although at times they acted in a manner that didn't make sense.

The tragedy of ghost fishing must end. Coconut fibre coir fishing nets are commercially made and are hence a practical solution that can be taken by fishermen. The project was abandoned when people vandalized nets to claim rewards, without retrieving anything at all from the shoreline or ocean. One protected turtle was rescued.

Then the floats pull the netThe characte This might

Most go unnoticed and unrecorded. In this way they can form a vertical wall hundreds of metres long, where any fish within a certain size range can be caught. That's really my only sticking part of this novel, as the whole is quite good, but it did throw me off a bit reading it which is the only reason I took off one star. Even balled-up fishing line can be deadly for a variety of creatures, including birds and marine mammals. The net then sinks, and the fish are devoured by bottom-dwelling crustaceans and other fish.