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The Frugal Bride by Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick download in ePub, pdf, iPad

In each case, you can also have your reception outdoors, creating a picturesque, memorable ceremony while eliminating the cost of renting a venue. Spent a large portion of our time trying to figure out what we were going to do with the flowers to make them look nice. You know, have a bro's night with laughs and relaxation. If you want to save on bridesmaid dresses, try to avoid ordering custom dresses altogether. Just a plastic one to remind me of him.

Choose affordable wedding rings. You need a tasteful cake for people.

In each case youSpent a large portion of

Guests were literally trying to walk away with my centerpieces. Just buy the remote tea lights. They add so much to your centerpiece and they're still cheap.

We hit every jewelry store in the mall. They will die in a few days. We were thinking no more than six to eight people including ourselves. Don't be afraid to get out there.

That's exactly what I did. Put them in vases, put them in your refrigerator, or a very cool place. To save as much as you can, try inviting fewer people and making the event more intimate. Hold the ceremony at home, or outdoors.

List everything you can think of and walk through these items step by step. Get to know them, ask them questions. My cousin and her husband like cheesecake, so they purchased different flavored cheesecakes, placed them on pedestals, and had a beautiful, unique cake. It will save you so much money in the end.