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The Frankfurt School, Jewish Lives, and Antisemitism by Jack Jacobs download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Fromm supported the movement

It is well written and offers important insights into an understudied topic. Judaism, Israel, Antisemitism, and Gender. Once in America, Horkheimer and Adorno sought funding for studies on anti-Semitism there. This work represents a broad range of perspectives, Jewish and non-Jewish, sympathetic to the Bund and critical of its work. And this corrodes even the knowledge of why it has become impossible to write poetry today.

Likely blocked from advancement in his academic career in the s by his anti-Semitic mentor Martin Heidegger, Marcuse would make public protests in the s about the persecution of Soviet Jewry. Jews and Leftist Politics. Jewish identification is a subjective matter, and, as such, is not easily discoverable. Fromm, who was far closer to Jewish tradition, followed Martin Buber in advocating bi-national coex- istence in the Holy Land.

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Fromm supported the movement Ichud, created by Magnes and Buber, who proposed a bi-national solution for Palestine. For sev- eral years he served as Rector of the University of Frankfurt, but he soon began to regret his decision to return. This does not apply to the third book of the series, Rehearsal for Destruction. Their first reflections on fascist anti-Semitism reveal an incredible blindness.

The essential idea advanced by Horkheimer and Adorno is that fascist anti-Semitism helps to elucidate the dialectic of enlightenment itself and therefore the history of civilization. Hatred of the Jews has always been hatred of thinking, and naturally the Jews themselves are also in large measure animated by this. Indeed, American Jews were openly barred from certain jobs, social clubs, and hotels. They may have felt that Europe was already a familiar lost cause, but in the U. It is an impressive and authoritative study of a major issue in intellectual and social history.

The end result is a convincing argument for the need to reevaluate the study of Jewish politics in eastern Europe. Adorno, and Herbert Marcuse. Based on sound scholarship and lucidly written, this work should be read by anyone interested in Jewish History and Modern European History. Under such circumstances, antisemitism became far more than a topic of theoretical interest.