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The European Social Model in Crisis by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead download in ePub, pdf, iPad

It is required reading for all

Therefore, there exists a more generalised access, with lower conditionability, to the social provisions. Once again different European countries have chosen a different position in their use of these two mechanisms of labour market protection.

The Nordic model is also characterised by a high tax wedge. Elevada means high whereas Baja means low.

It concludes that this environment rather than the social models are primarily responsible for the immense social costs of the crisis. It is required reading for all those who are eager to understand the social dimension of the euro crisis. Reading this book will help all who want to work on this in either theory or practice. The Continental model should improve its efficiency whereas the Anglosaxon model its equity.

Instead, there is no such consensus as regards the question of whether employment protection generates a higher level of unemployment. As regards labour market, these countries are characterised by important expenditures in active labour market policies whose aim is a rapid reinsertion of the unemployed into the labour market. The continental countries have a higher level of both mechanisms than the European average, although by a small margin. Nevertheless, it has a higher share of its expenditures devoted to pensions.

Rhine capitalism The Continental model has some similarities with the Nordic model. Protection against labour market risks. Rewards for labour participation.

It concludes that this