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The best way to judge how much beer is left is to get a scoop and drink it at the bar watching staff pour beers - if the casks are tilted up at the back they are probably half empty at least. But a larger group has concentrated on ticking individual beers. Spices and herbs can also be added, which as they add flavour can be treated more charitably, and most scoopers count these.

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Each individual sets their own. If a brewery moves, as happens sometimes, scoopers may count the beers again. Or all in a particular county. The most common rules are listed below, with some options to give you an idea of the complexity involved. Beer Scooping is a broad church and all are welcome - and, on the whole, scoopers are a good crowd who just want to have some preferably scoopable beers with mates and have a laugh.

They often have obsessive routines and may be preoccupied with a particular subject of interest which usually leaves no space for more age-appropriate, common interests. Just an example of the collecting habit, whether it be stamps, beermats, trains or Toby jugs. However, when you get into European scooping, then you'll find a lot of beers are pasteurised - but taste none the worse for the atrocity committed. Scooping should be part of a life, not a lifestyle - drinking that much beer year in, year out isn't good for anyone. After a long time scooping in Britain you may get a bit bored of the similarity of the beers with basically only mild, various strengths of bitter, strong ale and stout to worry about.

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Another way is a plastic kitchen jug, where the beer is poured from the glass into the jug thence into the bottle. Again, not really used any more. Another notable difference in approach is between those who, if you like, tick full-time and those who tick incidentally to their normal beer-drinking activities. Some scoopers object to this and boycott festivals that engage in these practices such as Bradford and Stockport.

If a landlord deliberately rips off people with extortionate prices or dodgy beers some scoopers will decide to boycott the pub. Fortunately they are outnumbered by those that try to provide something for everyone.