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Ten Dollar Dinners by Melissa d'Arabian download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The Four-Step Chicken Piccata offers a plan for getting food on the table in just minutes, using almost anything in the pantry. This book is a revelation. Read the press release here.

She brings it all

This is one of the better cookbooks I've read this year because of it's great ideas and it's practicality. She is a mom who knows firsthand that cooking on a budget can be delicious, inspiring, and healthy. But I'll stick with what works for me and just hit the club a couple extra times. There definitely are a number of recipes and they cover all the categories I expected. But here I am post second thumbing and I still just don't have a warm and fuzzy vibe.

Her Roasted Vegetable Tian is a great way to take advantage of deals in the produce aisle. Now I never have to buy a frozen meal from the grocery store.

For home cooks who care about what they feed their families and want to stretch their dollars, Melissa is the best guide for putting delicious meals on the table. Since I started cooking with this book, my food bill actually got reduced by at least a third and I hardly ever toss things out of the fridge. My thought was maybe I was just in a snit the first time and wasn't giving it a fair shake.

She focuses on savvy budgeting, efficient shopping, and full-flavored cooking. And while many of the meals are probably really good, I'm just not this kind of cook. This is a great resource for new, affordable cooking ideas. The pictures are great, although I think they should have edited the one where she looks like her eyes are closed. There are several recipes that look awesome and are things I don't normally cook at home but she makes it look so do-able.

She brings it all here with flair and the comforting presence of a good friend. It's a great cookbook to have on hand.

It's a great