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These are useful in the serial assessment of the athlete. In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Ott moved to the greater Houston area where she has successfully developed three concussion programs that focus on a multi-disciplinary approach to athlete care and management. This can result in symptoms lasting longer, permanent mental and physical disabilities or even death.

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Vaughan has presented his research at national and international conferences, has co-authored book chapters, and has published multiple research articles in scholarly journals. At University Hospitals in Cleveland, Dr.

This material, often referred to as the Maddock's questions, has been adapted internationally and is used routinely by the likes of the British Jockey Club. This is followed by a section on concussion surveillance and management programs for athletes at various levels. The book has a very North American view of the world. For example, Australian Rules Football concussion data published in the mids contributed to the understanding of the importance of assessment of sports specific recent memory. However, other more complex and useful ethical issues are addressed, including dealing with the media and managing lines of communication within sports organisations.

This section gives interested readers the opportunity to gain an overview of the nature of available batteries and make comparisons. Broshek has had extensive clinical and research experience with sports-related concussions and has presented internationally on issues related to traumatic brain injury in sports. This is understandable given the backgrounds and vast experience of many of the contributors, which revolves largely around American football. Their diagnosis helps guide decisions about return to play. Physical therapy Athletic training Our team is also involved in research that is transforming the diagnosis, treatment and care of concussion.

Learn about concussion treatments. Almost half of these injuries go undiagnosed. The development and use of computerised batteries has grown over recent years in response to the need for time efficient and reliable indices of cognitive change.

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