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And he would probably be partly right.

Maybe he thought his dad was trying to change the subject or that he was contrasting the nice New Testament God with the nasty Old Testament God in a kind of quasi-Marcionism. These guidelines are profoundly helpful, if followed, and give us some good tools for knowing how to handle tough passages, what to prioritize and why, etc. Originally posted at Rumblings. We force musicians who throw the odd swear word into their songs to have warning labels for their albums.

But even this conviction can

But even this conviction can seem comfortably abstract and generic, like something you would find on a mission statement or something like that. But then they get turned to salt.

But then they get

Because however confusedly and incoherently and partially I may have expressed it, I really do believe that Jesus and reshapes and reinterprets Scripture and our understanding of who God is. It is a process that has yielded some deep wisdom borne out of many hours spend wrestling with and delighting in Scripture. It has produced some wonderful guidelines that we have collectively discerned and articulated.