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Solving the Puzzle Under the Sea by Robert Burleigh download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Most maps show the ocean as plain blue, because it is filled with water. Exploration To begin your exploration of the ocean floor, go to Google Maps. It goes pretty fast, but it should give them a good idea about how plate tectonics works. Some move faster than others. Next, look for the Atlantic Ocean.

For more about the theory of plate tectonics, students should watch this short animated video titled Plate Tectonics Explained. We track it from space, using satellites. Encourage students to explain their answers. After students write down their answers, go over them in class. The Earthquake Mapping Project teacher sheet provides information to help you guide students through the mapping project.

Encourage your students to explain their answers. They should write down the steps on the Ocean Floor Exploration student sheet. Video Introduction Maps and two animated videos will introduce you to the concept of plate tectonics and Marie Tharp's role in confirming the theory.

Encourage your students to explain their

This still did not convince most scientists, until Jacques Cousteau filmed the ocean floor. Converging current drives two plates into each other. Burleigh also touches on the discrimination Tharp faced.

They should write down the