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Shari’a Law in Commercial and Banking Arbitration by Abdulrahman Yahya Baamir download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Nielsen Book Data This book provides an analysis of how commercial and banking disputes can be settled under the Islamic regime for arbitration. Unlike the Arab-Islamic World, in most of the given system other than anything else the interests of the individuals are preferred.

It combines a comprehensive discussion of contemporary decisions and authorities with a thoughtful historical analysis. It is clearly palpable that the hadidth that the importance has given more to the method of sulh than the orthodox judicial system.

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The cacophony arose due to the disagreement between the then sheikhs in the matter of placing the holy black stone. It might also be the fact at that time Islamic judiciary was adequate, flexible and passable enough to have handled and dealt with all kinds of cases.

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To me resolving disputes upholding the rule of law in any kind of mechanism is acceptable. Like in the laws of other countries the core difference between arbitration and litigation does also lie in Sharia law. Another problem arises in case of gender of the arbitrator.

It will be key reading for anyone interested in business and commercial law. Each sheikh frenziedly wanted his tribe to have the honour of carrying and placing the black stone.

For the authenticity of the letter which is established with carbon dating process, see, D. In another way it could be termed as an amicable settlement. Sulh is one of them, which until today is undergone through private network e. To elect conciliation is to seek fairness.

The book is required reading for anyone interested in dispute resolution in the Middle East. In terms of choosing the arbitrator in western societies, unlike the Arab-Islamic World the prospective arbitrator does not have to be from the same community or society as of the disputants.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. The existence of affable resolution of disputes in Sharia Law is unknown to many.