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On the way to the crowded bar, Brandon gets pushed to the floor by a long, lean cowboy who saves him from a pitcher of beer. Distance and misunderstandings force Tyler and Brandon to consider whether the fulfillment they've experienced in each other's arms is worth the sacrifice of the lives they've built individually. His mom, Miranda, loves him and supported both him and his best friend, Jessenia Sawahla, as they faced life head on.

Their availability is also increased, with Mr. Trina Lane has created a really great novel with some of the most in-depth and diverse characters, and some contrasting family dynamics. The two men might live very different lives, but the heat between them is hotter than any Texas sun. Tyler Synder was determined not to follow in his father's footsteps as head of the international corporation that bears the family name.

After a serious scolding from Brandon, Javier reveals some very personal information about himself. She comes from a strict Muslim family that emigrated from Egypt, and she faced ridicule because of her Muslim beliefs.

He operates a breeding program for Tennessee Walkers and a guest ranch a couple of hours from the urban luxury of Dallas where he was raised. As an argument becomes heated between Javier and Tyler, Brandon leaves the club to avoid the confrontation. And, Javier throws a strange twist into this story that you have no idea is coming. By the end of the book, I had lost all sense of the timeline. Tyler has a tense relationship with his parents, but he does his best to get along with everyone.

Their availability is also increased with

Fiction Literature Romance The heart of Texas beats strong, fueled by the love between two men whose lives are interwoven like the long grass of the hill country they call home. While I loved both of these men and their dreams, I struggled with the rambling plot. After the halfway point, the plot felt quite disjointed.

Tyler does his best to get back in touch with Brandon, but Brandon keeps avoiding his messages. After, as the liquor starts to take over, Brandon keeps an eye on the cowboy, who seems to be taken.