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It is somewhat strange to be reviewing a book more than twenty years after its publication, twenty years after one's first encounter. Which is precisely why The Invention of the Libertine Body makes so valuable a contribution to the present discussion. The pervert who is the only one to have to show the validity of his gesture hastens to perform that gesture. Miller in Hirsch and Keller, eds.

Deaf-mutes possess a memory of their code, but the pervert's gesture does not yet belong to any code. It is not so much that the pervert recalls his gesture so as to unleash it again, as that the gesture itself recalls the pervert. You are not currently authenticated.

Sade and the Narrative of Transgression by David B. Literalist readings of Sade are still very much with us. Persuasion can be effected only if the interlocutor is in turn led to reject norms in himself.

Sade and theLiteralist readings of Sade are

The perverse gesturing is a deaf-mute language. Sade is more widely read and studied than ever before. The Invention of the Libertine Body. Allen Dunn and Thomas Haddox.

Meiners and Therese Quinn. Conversations in Postmodern Art and Culture, eds. The Places of Literary Criticism, eds. The singularity of the gesture is reestablished without its opaqueness being in any way cleared up. Lynn Hunt's Sade rather than Barthes's.