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Most attention has been dedicated to the reintegration of permanent or long-term migrants. Its basic programs consist of the following. Research has ascertained that the positive impact of reintegration is dependent on a variety of factors, both personal and structural. There is no study to assess the performance of this program and the rate of survival of business initiated with the loans. Migration and Development in the Philippines.

There are several levels of preparedness to be considered. Cooperation between the local and the national agencies should be smooth and productive.

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The complexities of return require the adoption of a conceptual framework to accommodate the different situations. The matrix might be an oversimplification of factors, but it was sufficient to cast doubt on the expected correlation between level of assimilation and rate of return. Uphold the principle of non-refoulement and ensure the voluntary participation of migrants in assisted voluntary return. Individual Preparedness Individual preparedness is not limited to the returning migrant.

Other training programs are

It is also important that countries of origin promote formal recognition of newly acquired skills of returning migrant workers. Other training programs are offered by Local Government Units but are not well publicized for returnees to take advantage of them.