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Genuine repentance takes the necessary action to correct our sins, even when it is potentially divisive to do so. He was convinced that the revival for which he had been longing and praying all these years must beginin the church. The most egregious offense involved Tobiah the Ammonite, the man who years earlier had done everything he could to oppose the work of God in the rebuilding of the city walls.

Jesus was using shocking language to get us to see how serious sin is and that we must take radical action to get it out of our lives, even when it is very difficult. So I was not sure what to do. But I believe that she demonstrated true repentance by being obedient to God in spite of the personal difficulties. He could not bear to see them lose those blessings by returning to the very sins that had caused them to end up in captivity. It is something that should characterize believers all of their lives.

So I was not sure

After receiving word that the walls of the city of Jerusalem were still in disrepair. After six months of preaching, praying, and repenting, the fruits of the cleansing began to manifest themselves. This Christian leader seemed to be saying that he had all his defenses in place, but the enemy sneaked this sin into his life and there was nothing he could have done to prevent it. The health hazard would prompt immediate action. Before the revival began, this church of members had baptized about ten new believers each year.

From the outset, his ministry in Oradea was characterized by an emphasis on prayer and evangelism. Genuine repentance takes the necessary action to correct our sins, even when it is personally difficult to do so.

Jesus was using