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Rechtsregeln für die geschlossene Kapitalgesellschaft by Gregor Bachmann download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Along with comparative observations, the author uses the specific example of German civil law and civil procedure to examine this phenomenon. Accordingly, the article argues for the abandonment of the concept. This finding runs counter to the frequently articulated claim of an across-the-board global harmonization of company law. Torsten Spiegel, ehemaliger wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Institut, mit.

His doctoral dissertation was awarded the Hermann Conring Prize. Holger Fleischer, Wulf Goette Eds.

Topics considered include adjudicatory jurisdiction, the applicable law, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments, and other problems associated with cross-border legal cooperation. Thereafter the husband filed in Germany for recognition of the ruling. Immer wieder kommt es vor, dass bei Kunden z.

The rise of the independent

The publication is geared to business law scholars and practitioners, with the latest research being presented in a practice-oriented fashion. Vor diesem Hintergrund erfreut sich die Familienverfassung zunehmender Beliebtheit. Dies stellt hohe Anforderungen an den rechtlichen Organisationsrahmen, der aus ganz verschiedenen Regelungsschichten besteht. Andererseits setzen sie die Regeln in Bezug zu ihrem historisch-vergleichenden Hintergrund.

Puchniak from the National University of Singapore analyze this phenomenon in tandem with additional experts from the studied jurisdictions. The new edition of the reference work was revised by Klaus J.

Reinhard Ellger, Heike Schweitzer Hg. The topic has, unsurprisingly, met with increasing attention in international legal scholarship.

The rise of the independent director in Asia is an issue of global consequence that has, until recently, largely been overlooked. The publication brings together for a first time comparative studies on self-regulation from various areas of Japanese and German private law. Today they are ubiquitous.

The publication brings together for a

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