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With the further emergence of the Greek Culture there was a marked decline in the power of Sophia. In ancient Mesopotamia, she was depicted as Ishtar, with a winged headdress and holding the ring of divine authority. Psyche and matter exist in one and the same world, and each partakes of the other, otherwise any reciprocal action would be impossible. In pre-dynastic Egypt she was often shown as a bird goddess with her arms uplifted, again like wings. Themes of the intertwining of nature and spirit, and the paradox of life and death are everywhere in images of the Great Feminine.

Her qualities were expressed through the ancient goddess Cybele. She claims her spiritual authority. Then write it again on the next line down, this time from Tau to Aleph.

It was said that Sekhmet, carrying the paradox of fierce feminine power, would return in times of epoch change. Here, also, she was often shown with lions, thought to represent the fiery and ecstatic state associated with her worship. Such a concept would be ludicrous for the earlier matrifocal societies who were well aware that the source, bearer, and protector of newborn life is the woman, not the man. Translate Baphomet into Hebrew letters. Because Jung himself was only just beginning to seriously investigate the relationship between psyche and matter before he died, and M.

The strongest belief in Sophia was retained by Gnostics A. In Persian Sufism, Sophia inspired mystical devotion and poetry. This, for them, was a tragedy, for the material world was seen as unworthy.

Her qualities were expressed through the

These Gnostics held a dim view of sexuality and treated women in the patriarchal style of the times. In the ancient text of Hypostasis of the Archons, found at Nag Hammadi, it is written that Sophia preexisted and gave birth to the male godhead. The book is vague and indefinite throughout. The Black Madonna was sometimes called the lady of the caves where her statues were often hidden. The earliest forms of Sophia emphasized her power and influence on earth and in the human psyche.

She claims her spiritual authority

Extend Jung's theory by elaborating on the possible relationship between psyche and matter, not just repeating terms over and over. This theme was evident in the statues of Sekhmet. Unfortunately, Von Franz has absolutely nothing new to say on the subject. He was the first person to call himself a philosopher, which he defined as one who is attempting to find out.