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Profit Driven Business Analytics by Wouter Verbeke download in ePub, pdf, iPad

New E-learning Course by Prof. His findings have been published in well-known international journals and presented at international top conferences. We also discuss a range of profit-driven evaluation measures for assessing the performance of analytical models from a business perspective. We call such approaches profit-driven analytics and they extend and reinforce the abilities of traditional analytics.

Quizzes are included to facilitate the understanding of the material. In the course, we discuss both profit-driven descriptive and predictive analytics, and as well introduce uplift modeling as a stepping stone toward developing prescriptive analytical models.

Wouter Verbeke Wouter Verbeke, Ph. The e-learning course on profit-driven business analytics presents a toolbox of advanced analytical approaches that support subsequent cost-optimal decision making. See here for more details.

His findings haveNew Elearning Course