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Operating for short periods as

Operating for short periods as a tuberculosis sanitorium, it remained open as a hospital until during which time it was renamed as St. Mr Callan had been sentenced to death in for the murder of a Garda. In a new unit to cater for boys aged between fourteen and sixteen years was built but up until this had not been used.

Mr Callan had been

It served as a military prison until when the institution was passed over to the control of the Department of Justice and in it was reopened as a civilian prison. It is not a committal prison as all prisoners are transferred here from other prisons. The object of the Training Unit is to facilitate prisoners finding employment upon release by providing education and industrial training. It remained in the possession of the Irish Army until when it was handed over to the Department of Justice who returned the facility to use as a civil prison.

This argument was roundly rejected by the Supreme Court. Hardiman J engaged in an interesting analysis of the Irish language provisions on the power of commutation. Following independence control of the institution was transferred to the Department of Defence.

Staff, however, retain a masterkey to all the rooms. From it has served as an open centre for male prisoners aged over eighteen years old. There are no bars on the bedroom windows, prisoners may move about from area to area without being accompanied by prison staff and they each have a key to their own rooms. Two judgments, one by Hardiman J, the other by Clarke J, were delivered, in which the rest of the five-judge court concurred.

The rules of remission do apply to such individuals. The Supreme Court did not consider it necessary to deal with this aspect of the case. Although there are a tiny number of prisoners in the population who are awaiting trial the vast majority of prisoners have been sentenced.

As operational capacity is relative to actual prisoner numbers it is felt that it is necessary to keep both numbers coherent with each other. The best example of this involves the elusive idea that rehabilitation of the offender can be the primary function of incarceration.