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Practical UNIX and Internet Security by Simson Garfinkel download in ePub, pdf, iPad

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Nowdays, most of the computers are connected to outside networks such as the Internet. On the other hand, the book is intended to be a practical journey through the world of Unix security. This could act as a really nice reference guide for the readers. The authors start with a chapter on securely patching and updating the system, where both source and package based installations are covered.

As it can be seen from the title, the publication covered a broader range of topics and once again found its place on a number of bookshelves around the globe. When an incident is discovered it is very important to follow some of the rules and take the measures, which the authors quite nicely summarized in the first chapter of this part. The first edition was practical, entertaining, and full of useful scripts, tips, and warnings. All of these topics are, of course, filled with useful practical examples. Intermediate users that work in Unix environments and are interested in progressing their security concentrated knowledge, will find this book to be pure gold.

It contains numerous practical examples that help administrators understand what should be done about securing their systems and what is the best way to do that. This is a big threat, as connection to the mega network such as the Internet, provides malicious attackers a direct way to the doorstep of your computer system. Novice users and security enthusiasts will find a great collection of information on security basics in general, as well as more advanced issues surrounding Unix and Unix like operating systems.

Turn-ons for Alan include sailing, programming in Perl, playing duplicate bridge, and drinking Anchor Porter. More advanced chapter on protection of system accounts, carries on where the previously mentioned user management chapter ended. This second edition is a complete rewrite of the original book.

My take on the book If you are not familiar with one of the previous editions of this book, I should note that it is intented for a wide scope of users. Introduction and security policies.

There is a large number of security related publications that cover the topics of both Unix and Internet security. Unix system administrators will most probably find some new tips and tricks to help them in their work. Turn-offs include spam and watery American lagers.

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