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Popes, Cardinals and War by David Chambers download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Chambers's narrative unfolds in seven chapters, each a model of economy. As a result, his latest study assumes the features of a rather introductory survey of the history of the papacy.

On the other hand it isn't a bad read, and keeps good company with the likes of Burckhardt, Symonds, Acton, and Creighton. In this lively and compelling history D. In monographs and countless articles spanning four decades, Chambers has studied their family histories, their education and office-holding, their politicking and patronage.

It fills a real gap in the literature. Chambers examines the popes and cardinals over several centuries who not only preached war but also put it into practice as military leaders. However, coming to terms with the paradox is well beyond the scope of this book. Indeed, he is more concerned about a possible rebirth of such bellicosity as old enmities are rekindled. Chambers portrays the bellicosity of Renaissance and early modern pontiffs and cardinals as different only in intensity, not in motivation or substance.

Few scholars possess as intimate aCopyright Gale Cengage Learning

Copyright Gale, Cengage Learning. Few scholars possess as intimate a knowledge of the careers and worldly ambitions of Renaissance ecclesiastics as D.