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Politics of Forestry Federal Lands The American conservation movement began over years ago largely in response to abuses by the timber industry out west. Perhaps industry leaders feel a strong kinship with other extractive industries. Trade customers Trade orders should be directed to the relevant local distributor. Then during the s and s the agency gradually fell under the influence of the industry they were mandated to regulate, and became an important resource provider for that industry. Perhaps they just don't want to alienate their pals at the country clubs and yacht clubs.

Starting in the early s, it became very difficult to obtain funding for research into the effects of acid precipitation, ozone and heavy metals on forests. Forest products industries generally see environmentalists as the enemy, and align themselves with fossil fuel industries on most political issues.

Most of the controversy centered around the use of public lands. Most states, like Massachusetts, prohibit this practice.

Full appreciation of the potential economic returns from good forest management would go a long way in improving the motivations of private landowners to do good management. Some are very poorly-managed.

Some may question whether clearcutting can be included in the definition of silviculture, but at least there is some planning and supervision of cutting operations. Greatly contributes to understanding of the politics of forestry and foreign aid. Conventional economic valuation of forests for timber production also needs to be reconsidered. Whatever the reasons, they become increasingly hard to accept as time goes by and forest health problems worsen.

Massachusetts does not regulate silviculture. All other states in the country pretty much leave it up to the harvester to decide which trees to cut and which trees to leave.

Some may questionGreatly contributes to