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All of these delicious bits and

Jeffrey Pilcher uses the lowly taco as an emblem of both the complex origins of Mexican food, and its eventual global expansion. The book, though a serious history of Mexican cuisine of interest to specialists, will surely appeal to a general audience as well.

Eating a taco is eating history, indeed. This is no lightweight tourist or gastronomic guide to Mexican food.

Maybe they will strike lucky and say tacos without really knowing what a taco is. Much of what is viewed as Mexican food is really Tex-Mex. Pinning down an authentic Mexican food, as Pilcher shows, may be an unwinning wrestling match. Indigenous foods, by contrast, were considered strictly d class. He also edited the Oxford Handbook of Food History.

The unique history of Mexican food reminds us that these elements shape our lives in profound ways wherever we live-and whether we take our chili red or green. Along the way he discusses how the cuisine was changed and how it spread world wide.

Yet another version of

He exams the history of Mexican food and follows it to today. The importance of social distinctions can readily be seen in the case of yet another New World plant, the tomato. Pilcher and published by Oxford University Press. Pilcher takes us through the many permutations of Mexican cuisine with a sure hand.

Already in the early modern era, these foods acquired vastly different images among elite and popular sectors. Indians and Mexican Americans. Thankfully the weather changed here and with a Fall chill in the air, I made a big pot of chili.

Yet another version of Mexican food was created in the U. All of these delicious bits and pieces are held together by a narrative sweep that emphasizes mixture, controversy, constant class struggle, and the global forces of colonialism and capitalism. Yet this book is far more ambitious, tracing the growth, emergence and spread of an entire national cuisine. At the graduate level, Planet Taco would be helpful in world history seminars that include Mexico among the topics. Very Highly Recommended, especially for foodies who love history.

Pilcher researches the globalization of Mexican food, as most of us know it today. Pilcher is Professor of History at the University of Minnesota.