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The focus on potentiality in

The focus on potentiality in Being and Time permits two basic applications that pertain to ethics. Compassion in the face of pain, loss, and death can be the starting point for a cross-cultural ethics.

But the disclosure of Being is a finite, dynamic, and pluralized process that subverts traditional philosophical confidences. First, decision is an ultimate category in the finitude of ethical dwelling. In fact, authenticity can not be divorced from how Dasein can relate to others and be concerned for others in an authentic manner. What humans ultimately have in common, then, is the negativity of finitude, i.

One way or another the hope is that we can discover a measure to legislate the affective conflicts and empirical contingencies of the ethical field. The idea that Dasein dwells with and in others helps us illuminate a phenomenon that is often addressed in ethics, namely compassion. Although human beings and cultures might differ in their forms of life, there is, I think, a common human understanding of finitude, of what it means to lose one's interests. But indifference might be no less natural, either.

Compassion in the face of pain

In many respects, acting according to moral values involves risks, sacrifices, and uncertainties, which makes such enactment difficult and challenging. Moreover, courage and cowardice help explain how and why we often fail to live up to an ethic we affirm in principle and want to enact.

Consequently, the so-called exact sciences are simply less existentially operational than history, art, or ethics. One of the features of the world structure that is most pertinent to ethics is the phenomenon of Mitsein. Aristotle defines courage in relation to pain. Given the Olympian distance of Heidegger's later thought e. The task of philosophy would not be to put our entire moral outlook into question or to discover some brand new system of values nothing so radical has ever happened in history.