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Of the Deepest Shadows and the Prisons of Fire by Chimalum Nwankwo download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Authors should face their career as authors and leave the burden of literary criticism and adjudication for critics and renowned literary scholars. It was a naked daylight silence more forbidding, more potently vibrant than the robed silence of the pall of night. This may disorganise some readers or critics, especially unexposed readers.

The great crisscross

The great criss-cross of traffic between the living and dead was understood and accepted. Nwankwo was probed for conversation, but he was not willing to toe such an unethical line just for the sake of a prize. Something is wrong somewhere.

If you are a poet or critic or just a lover of smooth riding poetry loaded with the finest tricks of the business, you will weep and hide your face in shame for the Nigerian judges. The envisioned world is already an alternate reality and another super-text or meta-text will only mar, and not help. Published outside the shores of Nigeria.

We have been living with these planemos orbiting around each other probably these billions of years without knowing they are out there. The more I contemplate the nature of our universe, the more convinced I become regarding my personal suspicions about the deeper character of our universe.

Nwankwo was probed for conversation but