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Norse-derived Vocabulary in late Old English Texts by Sara M. Pons-Sanz download in ePub, pdf, iPad

The subsequent chapters treat remaining Norse-derived terms in Wulfstan's legal vocabulary chap. The book begins with a consideration of the Wulfstanian corpus and outlines the distinctive features of the homilist's style. You are not currently authenticated. The most common explanations for Wulfstan's use of Norse-derived terms posit his contacts with his archbishopric in York, his addressing a Scandinavian audience, and his possible East Anglian origin.

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As such, the book is a welcome contribution to our evolving understanding of linguistic contact between English and Norse speakers during this period. University Press of Southern Denmark. The analysis of the middle chapters yields to broader issues in the following chapters which focus on the possible motivations for Wulfstan's use of Norse-derived vocabulary chap.

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