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Phoebe returns to the jail

Overuse of the Blackrock's powers blinded Silverstone and left him insane. However, at the wedding reception, Chief Inspector Pinckney of Scotland Yard arrests him for the murder of Lord Adalbert, who, it has been discovered, was poisoned.

The Blackrock also has the ability to absorb ambient energy to empower its wielder. Sibella arrives at the jail with a letter, purportedly from Phoebe and addressed to Monty, confessing to poisoning the earl so that Monty could take his rightful place.

She takes his silence as an answer, and departs. Phoebe and Sibella have also provided reasonable doubt as to Monty's guilt.

As owner of the circus, Harold has been cleaning up his image and the circus to make it succeed. Phoebe returns to the jail with another letter, this one apparently from Sibella and also addressed to Monty, confessing the same thing. She returns unharmed both times, before Monty sends her to an African jungle where a cannibal tribe lives.

As a woman about his own age, she does not stand before him in the line of succession, and is highly sympathetic to the plight of his mother. Although he still loves her, he angrily says that it is too late for her to claim ownership of him and that he will proceed with marrying Phoebe. Despite its power, his inexperience with the Blackrock led to his defeat, and Superman took the stone and threw it towards the Sun. He survives and later finds out he has the ability to siphon electrical energy. Lucia's abilities seemed to be an amalgamation of her predecessors', but she seemed to prefer using its energy projection abilities and discovered a way to use it to drain Superman's power.

Her intense feelings of hatred towards the Man of Steel matched those of the Blackrock, and she proved particularly adept in using it. He and Phoebe marry soon after.

As owner of the circus