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For this experiment, tribution and different thresholding effects. We propose a novel constrained clustering algorithm, which monotonically decreases the objective function, and incrementally satisfy more constraints.

This level is also called timbre tracking. This piece is played by violin, clarinet, saxophone and bassoon. The main difficulty maximizing the above function, i. We then find which if any constraints that are satisfied by the new clustering but not the old clustering. Note this should affect the performance of the estimators.

Finally, we propose a post-processing method to refine polyphony and pitch estimates using neighboring frames. Then, updated param- increased and the algorithm is guaranteed to converge, at least eters are found in the so-called maximization- or M-step by to a local maximum, under mild conditions. But it can also be seen that the cost case of one harmonic source, all estimators perform well, for functions contain a number of spurious peaks.

In music information retrieval, it is of great interest to researchers working in automatic music transcription, source separation, melody extraction, etc. We begin by introducing some useful notation, defini- We note in passing that we here consider the amplitudes and tions and results.

Then updated param

Our approach We propose a system that peforms multi-pitch analysis at the most difficult level, shown in the figure below. For instance, in audio processing the fundamen- processing.

Finally we propose