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Although most generals are risk-averse most of the time, these three were risk takers. We admire these men for the same reason that we fear them, because they seem to be superhuman in some ways. The governor of Gaul was not supposed to topple the Roman senate and its armies.

Their aims were lofty but

Caesar sacked the small Greek city of Gomphi as punishment for its betraying him. They do not decide political strategy, only military strategy. In battle, they were heroic.

Their aims were lofty but also egotistical and unjust. Finally, one of the standard bearers, with his pole upside down, dared to thrust the sharp end of it at Caesar himself. Few men bounced back as quickly from failure as they did.

Finally one of the

Masters of Command combines the timeless wisdom of the classical world with the urgent realities of modern warfare. For example, the general Lysander d. Their self-assurance knew no limits.

Still, they each believed in their invincible destiny and good fortune, which led them to gamble and sometimes fail. But that model is wrong because it simplifies and distorts the nature of war. This is a stunning handbook to leadership-both on and off the battlefield.

And he encouraged his Celtic followers to consider him a hero out of their myths. He had only one good eye, having lost the vision in his right eye to disease during a long, hard march a year earlier. Nationalists from Greece to India all claim him.