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Both the swollen and the doped system show the same orientation of the cylinders in the flow direction. Microscopic studies show that in both phases multilamellar vesicles are formed under shear. The influence of colloidal structure on emulsions skin hydration potential. Mueller-Goymann Current Eye Res.

Mueller-Goymann Use of artificial skin constructs in permeation studies of clindamycin phosphate. Mueller-Goymann Mutual interactions between diclofenac diethylamine and phospholipids - investigations on the microstructure of the arisen systems. The hexagonal phase is maintained in the doped system, as demonstrated by polarizing microscopy. Physicochemical characterization of systems containing either diclofenac acid or diclofenac sodium.

MuellerGoymann Mutual interactions

Mueller-Goymann Larvated incompatibilities of hydrocortisone cream preparations upon dilution with different cream bases. Sustained release of diclofenac sodium from reverse micellar solutions via lamellar mesophases. In vitro-in vivo correlation studies. Mikroskopische Untersuchungen zeigen, dass in beiden Phasen unter Scherung multilamellare Vesikel entstehen.

MuellerGoymann Use of artificial skin constructs