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For any successful negotiation, communicat. Before developing some ideas about beliefs in the next section, I reviewed some of the literature in international relations that dealt with conflict analysis. This causation process implies some reasoning ability and facilitates learning.

Still, the approach is valuable to understanding beliefs. Two of the more popular ones are the realist approach and organizational theory. For example, in interpreting incoming information individuals tend to attribute causes to explaining event.

One problem with attribution

These theories also highlight the importance of experience, as the past is so often the source of recurrent behavior. Despite many attempts at regional and international negotiations since the time of the Mandate, the Conflict has persisted and the Palestinians still do not have a state. In my view, change was not a matter of eliminating a belief but changing the priority of one belief over another, i. From these two approaches we can learn much about how beliefs are formed and, in so doing, how they can change. See Introduction for more on these approaches.

One problem with attribution theory is that it indicates what an individual should do but the person is not always so careful in causal analysis. That is, both sides to the Conflict held and some still hold maximalist beliefs about having the whole of what was mandated Palestine for themselves. Lack of a solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict may thus be associated with absence of a state for the Palestinians. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it.

How were beliefs formed, were they consistent with behavior, could they change and if so, how. Both sides have made advances toward peace but the Conflict continues and the Palestinians still do not have a state.

That is both sides to the