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The Spanish monarchs had recruited soldiers from many European countries and improved their artillery with the latest cannons. Granada The Capitulation of Granada by F. In addition, miracles have reportedly been attributed to her. But she refused their advances, acknowledging Henry as king. Previously there had been two distinct yet overlapping categories of royal councillor.

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Her half-brother was keeping her from the political turmoils going on in the kingdom, though Isabella had full knowledge of what was going on and of her role in the feuds. They were supported by Afonso V of Portugal, who hastened to invade Castile and there betrothed himself to Joan. King Henry agreed to recognize Alfonso as his heir presumptive, provided that he would marry his daughter, Princess Joanna la Beltraneja.

Therefore, Isabella and Ferdinand set aside a time every Friday during which they themselves would sit and allow people to come to them with complaints. He was set free after a ransom was paid, and allowed to return to Granada and resume his reign.

At the end of the year, Boabdil surrendered. She was successful and the rebellion was quickly brought to an end. The Council of State was reformed and presided over by the King and Queen. To many, the presence of a male heir legitimised her place as ruler.

Isabella began to rely more on the professional administrators than ever before. Throughout her long reign, Isabella also strove to strengthen royal authority at the expense of the Cortes Spanish parliament and the towns.

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She lived a relaxed lifestyle, but she rarely left Segovia since King Henry forbade this. For example, for the vacant see of Cuenca in she rejected the Italian cardinal appointed by the pope, who four years later accepted her alternative Spanish candidate. The police force was to be made up of locals who were to regulate the crime occurring in the kingdom.

Juan died shortly after his marriage. The second body was made up of some permanent servants or continos who performed a wide range of confidential functions on behalf of the rulers. She evaded all these propositions.