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Relations between temperate Europe and the Mediterranean in later prehistory. Interaction spheres in prehistory.

The Explanation of Artifact Variability. Cultural transmission and culture change. The reasons for this lack of definition are twofold.

We are very grateful to the speakers and those who attended the session. They are used in order to make sense of potentially coherent assemblages of artefacts, from the Lower Palaeolithic to the onset of reflective literacy. Migration and the movement of southwestern peoples. In a similar vein, the rates and mechanisms of the dispersal of technical innovations in ceramics can provide the foundations for a broader discussion on the role of cultural innovation Chap. Founder effect, drift, and adaptive change in domestic crop use in early Neolithic Europe.

First, it is the outcome of the theoretical openness for which we have opted in the constitution of this volume. The issue of irregularity in the adoption of an innovation is one that is found throughout the human past. Alongside this theoretical openness, we have also opted for a strong empiricism. Congruent distribution of Neolithic painted pottery and ceramic figurines with Y-chromosome lineages. The desire to identify the actions of the individual eventually supplanted the desire to contextua- lise artefacts, resulting in the development of studies on cultural transmission e.

New approaches to an old problem. Vander Linden defined during the first half of the twentieth century.

Relations between temperate Europe and the

Vander Linden separate trait and, on this basis, to explore the possibilities of cultural boundaries and cultural territories. The mapping of prehistoric cultures has tended to be the result of analysis rather than the actual analytical process.

Interaction spheres in prehistory

What is lost in the process is an awareness of the interconnectedness of phenomena, of their positioning within wider fields of relationships. The Origins of the British, Robinson, London. Second, we do not believe that the advan- tages of any approach lie in its apparent intellectual totality and closeness, but rather in the multiplicity of the perspectives it creates. This is perhaps an advantage. The Neolithic invasion of Europe.

Particular circum- stances can lead to peculiar consequences. In Japan, culture history has not, in recent decades, emphasised ethnicity.