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It also makes our helmets more durable over time than the current plastic shells, which crack and weaken with more collisions. The helmet is currently the No. All-in-all, the helmet has sizing options, and it doesn't use air bladders.

Oxygenized facemasks are corroded, which can lead to weaker facemasks. As he profiles football's best and brightest, King shows us the intricacies of each position and why attention to detail wins and loses games.

This lets the helmet do its job on its own terms. Just because football doesn't look neat and precise doesn't mean To the unsophisticated eye, football is a simple game. Just because football doesn't look neat and precise doesn't mean that it lacks order.

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Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest sports news. Each helmet custom is fitted by equipment managers in the locker room.

We fly across the country with one of the game's best, Jimmy Johnson, as he and his staff look for talent, and watch as they work the phone on draft day. Facemasks are made of titanium, which is the norm for facemask development, but the facemasks are bathed in Argon gas to purge oxygen. When the ball is snapped, both sides erupt into a single writhing, violent mass of bodies. He shares a week with Boomer Esiason as he prepares for a game and shows us how his endless hours of film study and pregame preparation translate into action on the field. Inside the Helmet shows us what football coaches really do.

Each helmet custom