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The comic was given away at Gulf Gas Stations making them probably the first comic book published and distributed outside of the newspaper market. By the end of the year, Centuar Publications would be the first to publish titles devoted to a single theme. Each issue was devoted to a popular comic strip character that was syndicated by King Features. Many were knock offs of popular newspaper strips. Despite the title, Funny was about Adventure type stories.

Plodding calmly through it all, Gaines continued with preparations for his two comics. The final December issue of Mighty Mouse was a parting gesture. Eastern Color Printing Company was one company that became very important in formation of comic industry. Afterwards, Outcault would do four more for the Truth magazine the last one was is a homage to Palmer Cox's The Brownies.

When the comics went into circulation they attracted even more artists to E. While much of their origins or artists are not known it's believed they were made by members of organized crime. He noticed it was a convenient size for reading comics. This was New Comics December, and again it featured all new material. They were given a tight deadline, and Nostrand often spent nights drawing on the acetate while his wife whited in the backs of his finished sheets.

Out of it

In that month he was called to testify in a special televised hearing before the U. The western book served up gunfights, brawls, Indians, and all-American patriotism. In the first story they take a roundabout trip to the moon, along the way crashing a junkheap of an airplane after deducing that its propeller is the cause of a draft. The Brownies were heavily merchandised and one of the products they put out was book featuring their illustrations with a text story beside the pictures.

It was also published by David McKay Co. Out of it would spring Standard Publishing a comic book company with many different titles.

It was also published by David