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The verb ate

The stem bird modifies this meaning and is therefore dependent on song. This structure is both head-initial and head-final, which makes it head-medial in a sense. For inanimate nouns like zurnal, the accusative is identical to the nominative form already given.

This situation runs counter

If dve is seen as imposing the dual marker to be realized as. Such an analysis has already been proposed by Miller, but some might consider this step counter-intuitive and too high a price to pay for an elegant analysis. However, he is happy to consider constructions which are elliptical claiming this to be irrelevant for identifying distributional equivalence.

According to this view, a sentence is not merely a string of words. For instance, the determiner-noun and adjective-noun dependencies are head-final as well as the subject-verb dependencies. Since the numeral agrees with the noun, this suggests it is the head of the phrase.

The verb ate combines with the second noun phrase, the bone, to create the verb phrase ate the bone. This situation runs counter to the regular agreement patterns of Russian.

Unfortu- nately, this does not help us any further with the head-dependent relations. However, the main purpose of the analysis was to see what light it could shed on headedness relations. We must, however, recognize that headedness is a gradient notion, since case affects the degree to which the head shows head-like properties.