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Eight people from the sunken vessel Nahichevan did not survive - four sailors were found dead on shore two days later, four went missing. Numerous papers, brochures and books were published, and certain are still planned for publication in Russian and Ukrainian.

Numerous papers brochures

For a long time, the monitoring was complex, conducted seasonally during oceanographic surveys in the Black and Azov Seas Fig. The beach here is sandy with rocks at the base.

Eight people from

Only the northern slope of the Taman Bay is of abrasion nature. The results of those studies were presented by several papers to be summarized in a monograph Simonov A.

The eastern shore of the Spit is covered with the layer of seaweed of centimeters thick and partially covered with reeds. It was later reported that the sulfur granulates discharged to the sea floor had been leaked from the Kovel motor vessel. Yet, it has been never published a comprehensive and full overview of pollution of the Kerch Strait taking it for an independent geographical unit. The spit was formed with limestone with the base of detritus and coquina shelly ground.