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They include vast tracts of unused or poorly used land that has sparse tree cover and that is not confined to private land holdings, so it is generally accessible to aircraft. The native trees such as species of Acacia, and other genera in these areas are generally well adapted for survival under difficult field conditions.

Reynolds's guerrilla gardening has now

In such cases, the principles and requirements are similar to those discussed here. Eventually, people began to convert the unused land into a park. These are not species for timber as much as for firewood, forage, fruit, gum, erosion control, and other such uses.

Fruit canes and bushes are also very useful, they can be planted quickly, and because they are perennials they will provide fruit over a long period of time. Reynolds's guerrilla gardening has now reached many pockets of South London, and news of his activity has inspired people around the world to get involved.

To germinate successfully, seeds usually must fall directly onto mineral soil rather than onto established vegetation or undecomposed organic matter. The process is usually done as a large-scale project with hundreds dropped in a single area at any one time. The seeds would be encapsulated in an absorbent material. Some guerrilla gardeners do so for the purpose of providing food. There it is fully operational.

Kew Bridge Eco Village was a small community of squatters who grew vegetables and built basic wooden dwellings on the land. It is also and effective way of greening up heavily urbanised areas and bringing back the wildlife that previously lived in the area.

Fruit canes and