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Frommer's EasyGuide to Rome, Florence and Venice 2018 by Elizabeth Heath download in ePub, pdf, iPad

There's a reason that Frommer's has been the most trusted name in travel for more than sixty years. Certainly, the tourists can seem inescapable, and prices can be double or triple here what they are elsewhere in Italy.

Venice is extraordinary, it is magical, and it is worth every cent.

So much for Venice the Serenissima. It is also a city of great art and grand old masters.

So much for VeniceIt is also a

Travel is easy with Frommer's. There's also Venice the insanely popular and overcrowded. There's no better introduction to Italy than the classic itinerary of Rome, Florence and Venice. But it's not dummy-proof, which is why we enlisted three of the world's most knowledgeable Italy experts to pen this totally revised and updated annual guide.