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Senate, Feingold gained a reputation as a political maverick with an independent streak. He also announced that he would vote to confirm Roberts. Later that day, the committee voted to send the amendment to the full Senate.

Senators John Kerry of Massachusetts andSo if you hear a

When he broke with his own party, it was often because he was taking a more liberal or populist position than other Democrats. Feingold supports the creation of a system of universal health care in America. He led a public poll for the first time in October. Besides foods with the eliminated additives, aspirin- or additive-containing drugs and toiletries were to be avoided. Washington Republicans, who had all but given up on Johnson, poured millions in the race.

Senators John Kerry of Massachusetts and Patrick Leahy of Vermont expressed support for the bill, but Feingold was able to find only three co-sponsors. So if you hear a knock on your door, it might just be me. Often, some or all of these items can be returned to the diet, once the level of tolerance is determined. Feingold ultimately voted against conviction on all charges.

Millions more flooded in from Senate Leadership Fund, the U. But Johnson mounted a late comeback in the fall, after months of insisting the race was closer than it appeared.