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Estate Sale Prospecting for Fun and Profit with craigslist and eBay by John Landahl download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Therefore, many shops have a day or two each month where items are deeply discounted to make room for the next batch. This not only saves time and gas money, but also improves your odds of finding what you want. Maybe he avoided that because they are continually coming on the market and didn't want to list something that would be too soon outdated. First Name Email Address We use this field to detect spam bots. In time I began to stick to the five items I am going to mention below.

Again condition is everything you want the clothes to be free of stains and rips and look like new. Thrift stores constantly need to rotate their inventory because of donations.

Naturally there's competition between the individual sales, so the deals at neighborhood-wide garage sales tend to be better, too. It's free to join, easy to navigate and never buggy.

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Unless you get lucky, margins for thrift store flipping can be pretty slim. Ninety-six rounds of Remington. Look for classic pieces women could wear to work like black skirts and pants, as well as trendy items like maxi dresses and skirts. John Landahl shares what he has learned from his own experience about how to get started in this.

Glassware lovers enjoy vintage Pyrex cookware, as well as glass in different shapes and colors, so keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Things won't be sunny and perfect in any business, but each has its own pattern of challenges and opportunites.

Video Games Video games can be nostalgic for gamers, and some popular titles and genres are in high demand. Landahl tries to save you some time without having to learn these for yourself.