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Entrepreneurship in Wachstumsunternehmen by Rainer Harms download in ePub, pdf, iPad

Christian's main areas

You can find our full schedule on the calendar below. This program will prepare you to launch by giving you the knowledge, mentoring, experience, and connections to build a high-impact startup. Core courses, the starting points for entrepreneurs and Supplemental courses, important once the basics have been mastered, are listed below. The Buerk Center focuses on the strengths of the University of Washington and Seattle, and creates new courses that capitalize on those strengths.

Bill teaches at least three different classes per year introductory to advanced entrepreneurship classes in addition to his responsibilities of running the center. It has an entrepreneurial culture, research powerhouses, support for early-stage entrepreneurs, sources of capital, a talented pool of workers, and a strong media to tell startup stories.

He also serves on

Christian's main areas of interest are the economics of digitization, entrepreneurship, and science. He also serves on the board of directors or advisors for a number of companies. She has a background in engineering, and has held various engineering and management positions at Honeywell, Computervision, Sun Microsystems and Stratus.