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But pursuing a longevity dividend would also require changing the way societies currently work. Indirectly, these mutations may accelerate many aspects of aging. Mitochondria are components in eukaryotic cells that are important for energy production. Those molecules which can't be digested simply accumulate as junk inside of cells. Now there is one downside, though, which I also want to deal with here.

By investing money in the

He abhorred the idea, and for all the usual reasons. Five submissions were made, of which three met the terms of the challenge.

You identified seven areas of cellular and intracellular damage that you think need to be reversed as the best process for reversing aging. By investing money in the research and development of an anti-aging pill now, then future generations will save on the cost of treating millions of individuals with cancer or Alzheimer's.

The amyloid senile plaque seen in the brains of Alzheimer's patients is one example. While the ethicists debate and the scientists experiment, get yourself up-to-date on life extension methods by reading the articles below. There are several agents out there now. Currently, he organizes conferences and workshops to promote further research. De Grey wrote a rebuttal to each submission, and the challengers wrote responses to each rebuttal.

After all, if death is a lot farther away, then you may not be as inclined to stick it out with a spouse you no longer love. He serves as its chief science officer. Specifically, long-lived species respond less than a short-lived species.

And if extending life can also extend the time in which a woman is fertile, we may have a complete shift in the family unit. Liz is a humanitarian, entrepreneur, innovator, and a leading voice for genetic cures.

You identified seven areas of cellular